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Lola's Apothecary | Good Enough For Cleopatra

I've blogged about Lola's Apothecary before and I got so many positive messages about the brand and how beautiful it was if you missed that post you can find it here. Lola's Apothecary is a brand that creates the most beautiful products using the most natural but effective ingredients. 

For me, the effectiveness of a product comes down to the ingredients used, the presentation and overall packaging. These Lola's Apothecary products are simple but they work exceptionally well so well in fact that I do plan to work my way through the whole brand catalogue - for real's.  The two products being featured today are both 300ml, heavyweight bath products and would make beautiful gifts for Christmas, birthdays and all year round. 

Take a peek...

Lola's Apothecary Rose Chocolate Bath Milk (£25) I figured if bathing in milk was good enough for Cleopatra then it was going to be good enough for moi. This contains buttermilk, cocoa butter and roses and smells absolutely gorgeous and feminine; the scent makes me feel very womanly, confident and absolutely worth it. You know me and my need for au-natural products the best part of this is that it's 100% natural and suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike. 

Lavender Apothecary Bath Salts (£25) Epsom salts detoxify the body while lavender soothes the mind, body and soul. Let me tell you that this jar is super heavy, the salts and lavender smell absolutely fresh and natural and remind me of my mums garden in the summer - she has 3 lavender bushes which give off the most amazing scent. The positive of this is you get the lavender scent and benefits without the bees and wasps. 

Both products are used in the same way. Simply add some to the hot running bath water and watch it melt away leaving you with a delicate sprinkling of flowers and a scent that really lets you drift away. If you really want to go all out I fully suggest locking the door, taking in a good book, face mask and some drinkable bubbles. 

I felt absolutely relaxed and soothed with each product, my sons also decided to get in with the lavender bath salt action and now if they're being naughty I get to tell them they're not getting it in their bath - they start behaving as soon as I say it (I have funny little monsters don't I?) If you want to join our Lola's Apothecary gang you can find the products over on  Beauty Works West website. 

They also have lots of other premium brands such as Black Chicken, Glamglow, Heal Gel and Sara Happ (firmly on my wishlist) just for starters and the customer service is absolutely fab - they're good eggs over there I can tell you that. 

* PR Samples - I chose these products though *

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