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Luxury Jewel Lashes - Worth The Hype?

What are your thoughts when you look at these false lashes? do you think gosh these are amazeballs, do you contemplate gold leafing your own lashes or are you thinking these are h to the horrid? 

Lashes have seen a surge in popularity especially over the last two or so years, there's been natural lashes, coloured lashes, paper cut lashes, and even feathers. The lashes above are actually created with 24 karat gold - real gold lashes? that's crazy isn't it. 

Some may think they're pretty and I suppose they have appeal but I'm guessing you'll soon change your mind when you hear that these lashes actually cost £185! If you're still interested in picking up a pair (keeping in mind they're not reusable) you can pick these up at Barney's in the States. 

Gold not your thing? What about these real diamond and 18k gold strip lashes? Oh they'll only set you back a tidy £845 ($1350) and are also sold at Barney's or Citizens of Fashion. 

I have to admit I did mentally 'wow' when I saw these diamond ones. I'd be forever checking they were still attached if I went out in these. I'd love to hear your thoughts, if money was no object would you wear any of these luxury lashes? 


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