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Morgan Taylor | The Royal Life Collection

Luxury nail polish brand Morgan Taylor is releasing their A/W collection which is titled Royal Life Holiday Collection. As you can guess it's inspired by the richness and sumptuous jewels like rubies, sapphires and emeralds. 

I've not tried this brand before so would love to hear your thoughts? It actually slipped under my radar for some reason and it's definitely a brand I now want to try. The shades in this collection are: 

Fit For A Queen - Iconic deep ruby glitter. 
Regal As Royal - Majestic deep sapphire glitter.
Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds Oh My - Lavish multi-coloured glitter. 
To Rule or Not to Rule - Regal purple and magenta glitter. 
Where's My Crown - Luxurious deep gold glitter. 
Wrapped In Riches - Opulent emerald glitter. 

Each polish costs around £10.99 and is available at Harrod's, Sally's and Urban Retreat; You can also take a peek at the Morgan Taylor website. I personally want to try La Dolce Vita which looks like a pink-lilac cream finish and The Sweetest Thing which is a purple with silver glitter - none of those is in this collection, however. 


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