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Mad Beauty Kooky Stocking Fillers

Had I not known these were coming I would have been seriously scratching my head at what they were. I went around asking loads of people what they thought they were and hardly anyone got it. Especially when I asked what the thread spool was alone. 

So what are they? Beauty products of course and they make the perfect little gifts for ladies of all ages. They are all from an absolutely awesome company called Mad Beauty. Mad Beauty creates the kookiest, cutest and zaniest lip balms, creams and accessories for beauty lovers of all ages but makes them affordable. 

Take a peek...

Sew Lippy 'Spool' (£2.99) - This spool lip balm is the perfect lip balm for crafters, lovers of novelty and kooky gifts and of course lip balm lovers. It comes in five flavours, this one is orange flavour. Other flavours include Strawberry, Blueberry, Lemon and Lime. 

Little Glittery Pig (£3.50) - This little glittery piggie is the cutest of the bunch. He also tasted like yummy strawberry flavour. 

Mince Pie (£2.99) - Clear glossy lip balm housed in a mince pie replica, I'm sure Santa will appreciate this being left out for his chapped lips. The gloss has a fruity flavour also. 
Duck (£2.99) - This little cutie not been released yet as he's a Christmas edition duck but keep your eyes peeled on the website as he will be live shortly. 
Large Tub of Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream (£5.99) -  Whipped body butter in an absolutely yummy raspberry ripple scent that's not too sweet and not too overpowering.  

Ice Cream Duo set (£5.99) - Includes Raspberry Ripple and Strawberries & Cream Ice Cream flavoured lip balms. 
Sew Cotton Reel File & Buffer (£1.95) - Also apart of the sew range this cute file comes with an attached spool nail buffer. Genius. 

Sew Cotton Reel Travel Mirror (£2.99) - The perfect travel or handbag mirror. 
Again how perfect are these for crafters? I know when I use to sew a lot and craft (before my time got stolen somehow) I use to receive a lot of crafting goodies to the point of being inundated with them. I've always loved beauty and would have been completely surprised to have received these because they are still within the crafting theme but are so feminine and useful too. 

These are all just so cute, do you know they even have scratch and sniff nail files? Who thinks of these things? I just love the fun element and I'm pretty sure your giftees will also. You can find these goodies over on the Mad Beauty website.


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