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Mickey & Co at Forever 21

Mickey Mouse is here to stay, I doubt this little guy will ever go out of style, will he. Forever 21 have realised this and decided to début their Disney collaboration across their stores and coming soon to their website. 

There are forty-six pieces in the collection which range from reversible sweatshirts, oversized t-shirts, rolled sleeve tee's, tacked sleeve tee's, shirts, denim jackets and other lovely goodies. There's a definite 80's vibe with these items don't you think? Take a peek, let me know which stands out...

I'm absolutely in love with these two sweatshirts. The blue 'PoP' one is reversible and the inside has the same print as the models shorts, the black one with the stud details is gorgeous and comes in both smaller and larger sizes. 

Love Pluto, he's always been a firm favourite of mine. I can absolutely imagine myself wearing the Mickey shirt, the Pluto sweater dress or those two sweatshirts above. There seems to also be quite a lot of crop tops which aren't my style but for those who have the stomach to pull off a crop top, these will look amazing. 

What do you think of this collaboration? do you think you will be going 80's Disney this season? You can keep an eye out in local stores or over on their website - Forever 21.


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