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I love my little luxuries and treats as much as I realise I don't need them on the same note I also realise that these make me feel good - confident even. While I do like splurging on occasion I would definitely consider myself a thrifty chick more than splurger. I wrote a post on thriftiness here if you missed it but I do use Quidco whenever I can, I also use eBay a lot and yes I do use coupon codes and even coupons in physical stores. 

I personally don't get why you wouldn't, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves is what my dad use to tell me and it stuck firmly in my brain. I wanted to show you some fab gift sets from my favourite nail polish brand Nails Inc but also show you what sort of cashback you can get just by using Quidco. The way I see it is if you don't use Quidco you're basically giving away this free cash to the companies and that's cray-cray isn't it. 

So here's the rundown...

This is the Best Dressed Nails set and is my absolute favourite out of all gift sets. It includes five mini polishes in glitter finishes and one foil finish all for £16.

Polishes include Kings Road (pink foil effect), Regents Park (rainbow glitter), Hampstead Court (red glitter), Westminster Bridge Road (galaxy polish) and Old Street (fibre optic finish). 

* If you go through Quidco to the Salon Skincare website you will get 8% cashback *

The Nail Polish Diary is breath taking isn't it. It includes twelve polishes, one for each month and includes a range of finishes. It's RRP is £138 but it will cost you £42. 

Polishes include: Kensington Caviar (topcoat), St Martin's Lane (glossy grape), Baker Street (cobalt blue), Sloane Avenue (neon coral), Fulham Palace Gardens (rainbow sprinkles), Chester (feather effect), Notting Hill Gate (neon pink), Fleet Street (nude leather effect), Electric Lane (holographic top coat), Belgravia Place (red fibre optic), South Kensington (silver foil) and Knightsbridge Road (galaxy finish). 

* If you go through Quidco to Feel Unique you will get a whopping 12% cashback (£5.04 cashback!) *

The Snowflake Collection is a new gift set from Nail Inc, personally, I'm in two minds about the snowflake finish but for those who love it this is a fab set with gorgeous colours. It will set you back £15 and is value for money as the full-size Snowflake polish costs £12 alone. 

This set includes a mini Porchester Square which is an amazing nude mushroom shade which I actually own, South Kensington silver foil mini polish and the full-size Snowflake polish which can be worn alone or as a top coat over the foil or nude polishes. 

The Editors set includes five polishes in glitter and foil effects and costs £16. 

Polishes include South Kensington (silver foil), Chelsea Embankment (full coverage gold glitter), Marylebone Lane (full coverage red glitter), Porchester Square (mushroom) and Park Lane Mews (deep red). 

* If you purchase this through Quidco which takes you to the Feel Unique site you will get 12% cashback *

Christmas Crackers are always a hit at Crimbo but don't you get sick of the pathetic plastic toys and jokes? I tell you these Crimbo crackers are going to be a huge hit! Each cracker comes with one of the coloured polishes above and a fashion quote. The RRP of these is around £69 but these beauts will cost you an affordable £29.50 - these would also be excellent stocking fillers, won't they? 

Polish include Mayfair Mews (navy fibre optic), Baker Street (cobalt blue), Marylebone Lane (red full coverage glitter), Kings Road (rose gold foil), Kensington High Street (deep wine) and Trafalgar Crescent (silver galaxy). 

If you go through Quidco to the HQ Hair site to buy this you will get 10% cashback. 

The best part is if you're going to be stocking up or buying your gifts just now, use coupon code FREEXMAS at checkout for free delivery (ends Sunday)


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