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Nails Inc. Message in a Manicure Kit Launched Today

So this is how I feel right now...

But maybe a bit more like 'Ermahgerd!' This exclusive gift set has me more excited than any other gift set I admit it. I adore miniatures, I've said so many times before that I much prefer mini sized polishes that I'm sure you sweeties are getting sick and tired of hearing it. Miniatures for me tend to apply far more easily and look better as well as being used up more quickly. After all, there's nothing worse than off date polish or polish that's separated (I know separation is normal but it still annoys the beejezus out of me). 

So this beaut' is called the Message in a Manicure Kit and will be released exclusively at Selfridges today. It's inspired by the classic airmail letter and features 18 beautiful mini nail polishes. There's Leather effect, cobalt blue Baker Street (that seems to be featured in most gift sets doesn't it) and emerald Queen Victoria Street - miniature leather effect how darn cute huh. 

The line up includes:
  • Baker Street - cobalt blue 
  • Queen Victoria Street - emerald cream
  • St James - Best selling pillar box red
  • Portobello - Neon coral. 
  • Notting Hill Gate - Neon pink
  • Kensington High Street - Back by popular demand, this is a beautiful deep wine shade
  • The Thames - Cool grey cream shade worn by Victoria Beckham
  • Porchester Square - I adore this shade and always have it in my arsenal. It's a nude cream. 
  • Elizabeth Street - Classic pink cream
  • Noho - Black leather effect
  • Buckingham Court - Red galaxy effect
  • Mayfair Mews - New purple fibre optic effect
  • South Kensington - Silver foil effect
  • Chelsea Square - Rose glitter polish
  • Chelsea Embankment - Full coverage gold glitter
  • Party Lane - Rainbow glitter
  • Kensington Caviar Base Coat - Nourishing base coat
  • Kensington Caviar Top Coat - 45 second dry coat with high gloss and chip resistant finish. 

So... who's heading over to Selfridge's now sharpish? I am that's for sure! Click here for quickness. Nails Inc website can be found here also. 

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