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Nikki Lissoni - The Hot New Charm Jewellery Concept

Pandora, Links of London and Thomas Sabo drew us into the world of charms with their cute little offerings. Charm bracelets and necklaces enabled us to commemorate a moment in our life or to simply tell a story and while each bracelet and necklace was fully custom to our needs it seemed like everyone and their dog was sporting a charm product at one point didn't it? 

I would regularly look at jewellery websites for new and exciting products and all I would find was the usual styles and charms. I think there was an excitement with charms when they were first released, it may have been the cute factor or even the novelty factor - either way those charms were super cute. But then the fakes started to crop up and the brand image of charm products sunk like the Burberry trench coat did due to neds wearing their fake Burberry tartans. 

So it's been a long road but I've finally come across a brand new charm concept that is sophisticated and simply gorgeous. Each piece can be updated to suit your mood, you can swap insert designs and mix-and-match your pieces to your wardrobe and mood. 

Each of the pieces in the two mood boards above were chosen by myself to be featured simply because I love them, I found it hard to narrow down my favourites because I could relate to each one on a spiritual level and a fashion level. 

After some deliberation (get me sounding like Tyra Banks) I chose this. The good thing is though if I was to buy this I could simply pop out the silver part which is called a coin and replace it with say the black patterned coin above or the gold key coin.  

The design above is called the 'Dreamcatcher' and would cost £96. Prices will vary of course depending on metal type, chain type and length and coin design and size. I love the mixed metal look but if you're more of a gold or silver gal you can of course just choose those metals. 

You can shop, create or just dream about these gorgeous products over on the Nikki Lissoni website HERE


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