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November | Kicking Off Mo'vember With Steamcream

It's Movember Baby! 

November kicks off the month-long Movember awareness which brings attention to male cancers just as October did for female cancers. While I can't (thankfully) grow my own I can appreciate everything that is the humble moustache. 

I love a kooky moustache print, while the 'stache has been around for a while I doubt it's ever going to lose it's an appeal. I absolutely adore Steamcream and the fact that has adopted the 'stache as a tin print is absolutely awesome - it makes the brand so much more covetable too. 

The limited-edition MO and Mini MO designs will be available this month of course and contain lavender, rose, oatmeal and jojoba and can be used as shaving cream, soothing aftershave balm, face, body and hand moisturiser as well as a hair styling product. 

10% of all proceeds from the sale of the MO and mini MO will be donated to the Movember Charitable Foundation. You can check it out over on Steamcream


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