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October 2013 Empties | Thoughts & Opinions

Phew this months been a bit more productive as you can see, I've still got a fair bit that just coming to an end - luckily for me because this post would have been mega long. You'll see it's been all about the creams and lotions for the past few weeks and I've no doubt November's going to be the same as I try to search for some form of peace with my naughty skin and it's a sudden sprout of pimples. 

I also have some male products in here just for good measures, well it was actually ASDA's fault for sending me male products instead of the female versions I actually ordered in my home shopping *naughty ASDA's* 

Here goes with the list: 

 Mark Hill MiracOILicious Hair Oil (review here) - I will be buying more of this tomorrow for sure, I doubt I could ever go without this product now. I've found my hair has tamed a lot, it's gotten shinier, more manageable and I rarely have to use conditioner. I use to have to condition it every single day which is never a good thing. 

 E45 Nourish & Restore Body Lotion - I was sent this to review from Bzz Agent and I've had it for a while now simply because it's not great. It absorbs quickly but it leaves this funny feeling that's neither moisturising or well anything, it's also scented but too scented for my taste. I won't be purchasing this again. 

 Next Define Body Spray - This has always reminded me of Georgio Armani SHE perfume, I actually picked it up as a handy travel spray, I forgot to pop my perfume in my bag and seeing this thought I'd purchase it. I still like the scent but not as much as I use to say seven years ago when I first sniffed the fragrance.

 T-Zone Tea Tree Roll On - You can pick these up in ASDA's and even Poundland I believe, I loved this as it did help my skin so I will be purchasing it again sharpish. 

 Etat Pur Light Moisturizing Lotion (review here) - This lotion is surprisingly moisturising given how light it is, it has a unique texture that feels amazing on. I'm also sure this helps normalise my combination skin type. I will be buying more Etat Pur items for sure. 

 Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream (review here) - This carries a hefty price tag and while it did do what it was supposed to I doubt I would be able to repurchase this again so close to Christmas time *sigh* 

 Nivea Cream - I found this hiding in the bottom of my drawer and it's been getting used nightly on my tootsies, while it's far too heavy for my face and it leaves a dry oil feeling on my hands and body it has been perfect for my feet. It's ironic isn't it, I doubt this will ever go out but I don't see myself repurchasing it through choice. 

 Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion - It was this finishing that leads me to purchase the L'Oreal Mature skin toner that I adore. It's formulated for sensitive skins but it is strong - it will sting but in the war against spots it does the trick. 

 Vosene 2 in 1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner - Initially purchased for my sons but decided to be frivolous and give it a whirl. It is a-w-e-s-o-m-e! the best shampoo I have tried recently put it that way. It's a new formulation but my hair ends up so soft, shiny and manageable. 

 Palmolive Men Revitalising Sport Wash - Bleurgh this wasn't great. Too scented, too fake and just wasn't nice to use. I think it's definitely a mans wash or someone who likes to wash and go. I won't be purchasing this and didn't plan on having this but ASDA sends me this as a replacement - cheeky mares. 

 Right Guard Xtreme Invisible Body Spray - I reviewed the female version a while back and also Instagrammed a picture of how well it works by comparing it to another brand, I sprayed both brands on a piece of black paper - the other brand left major white marks, the Xtreme Invisible Spray left nothing! It was the female one I wanted and while the male versions good it's not quite as powerful as the female version as it left 'some' marks. 

 Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Balancing Face Cream (review here) - I love this. If you don't like tea-tree this isn't the cream for you, it's light, fresh and helps spots and combi skin types. I could write that I'm going to purchase it again but I already have. 

 Right Guard Woman Xtreme Invisible Roll On - Sorted the issue of ASDA sending me the male deodorants, I decided to purchase the roll on and I'm glad I did. It lasts twice as long and stops me perspiring and leaves NO white marks *yay* 

 Green People Nurture Body Lotion - This has a citrus scent, I'm not a fan. It moisturises but I wasn't too keen on the texture or the scent. 

 Cuticura Anti Bacterial Hand Gel - I purchase this every single week from ASDA's. It smells really nice and doesn't leave your hands feeling completely dried out. I will continue to purchase this as we all like this brand. 

 Bliss Fabulous Everyday Eye Cream - I got this in the Bliss starter pack which was on sale at House of Frasers. It's OK and it does what it says on the tin but it didn't give me that wow factor that I look for with most products. 

 Glamglow Mud Mask (review here) - I adore Glamglow products and really should be signed up to an affiliate service with them as I'm always telling people about how awesome it is. I will continually use this brand and the mud masks. 

 Rapidshield Daily Conditioner (review here) - This is crazy amazing, my lashes are long-oh so long. I actually loved the daily conditioner more than the lash growth serum and I really think they both do the same thing? 

 Burberry Body Perfume - Absinthe, Peach and Freesia what's not to love. This has a grown up musky note to it. If you love sweeter than sweet fragrances you're not going to love this but if you like something a bit more sophisticated I fully recommend this. 

 Sampar Prodigal Pen Roll On (review here) - It treats spots, migraines and I used to use it nightly to soothe my mind and also prior to meditating. It's wonderful, I will be purchasing a replacement for sure. I'm a Sampar convert. 

 Bubb & DIMPLES Ltd Edt Body Cream (review here) - Rose scented goodness, this cream has the perfect consistency and lasting power. I've been using it as a hand and cuticle cream and it's improved my life so much. Sounds silly doesn't it, but after getting lots of Gelish manicures the nerves in my fingertips and nails were on hyper mode. Anytime I touched paper (which is all the time) or anything that was remotely textured or dry my whole body hurt and shivered resulting in mega goose-pimples. It also hurt my teeth. This cream helped provide the moisture and barrier protection needed to enable my nails to repair. Although the issue isn't fully resolved I can now wear polish, use toilet paper and read a magazine without feeling like throwing up. 

 L'Occitane Divine Cream - This was a sample I was sent a while back from a L'Occitane purchase, I love that they send you some samples with your order. I adore the Divine range but this time around, with my skin definitely eeking on the side of oily and spotty it didn't sit too well. It felt too oily and too heavy. I still love it though. 

What empties did you use last month? Does anyone else feel like this year has flown by? 

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