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Pixi SS14 Collection Announced

February 2014 will see the release of the new Spring, Summer collection from Pixi. I love the Pixi brand especially their nail polishes and cannot wait to get my beauty-loving mitts on some of these products. 

The line looks like this: 

H20 Skintint - New super-hydrating, gel tinted moisturiser which contains deep seawater, rose water, camellia extract and lavender extract. This product aims to treat and protect the skin. 
Shea Butter Lip Balm - This balm comes in a generous six colour options and aims to protect and nourish lips. 
Hydrating Tint Stick - Available in three shades. 
Mesmerizing Mineral Palette - Contains six coordinated shades
Natural Brow Duo Colour Extensions - Features a double-ended applicator with a waterproof brown pencil and angled tip and a tinted gel on the other. 
Endless Silky Eye Pen Colour Extension - Available in Bronze Beam only. 
Nail Colour - Available in tropical colours including Oh So Orange, Sizzling Sunshine and Lime Lustre. 
Purse Pixi - Miniature sizes of Flawless & Poreless, Redness Reducing Primer, Flawless Beauty Primer and Flawless Vitamin Veil. 

Unfortunately, there are not too many images of the products but as soon as they're all released I will be sure to update you, sweeties. Are you a fan of Pixi? I was going to link to a previous Pixi review I did but Bloggers being a pain in the bum today and isn't allowing me to search *booo* You can visit the UK Pixie website if you fancy it. 


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