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Regal Rose | My Mabon Wishlist

As an accessory lover and lover of all things pretty I'm ashamed to admit I only just found out about Regal Rose a few weeks back. I was searching Shopcade for a moon necklace for the Wiccan Mabon celebration which long story short lead me to their website. 

As far as I can see they have mixed material pieces, I especially love their Sterling Silver pieces purely because I'm lazy and can wear it a day, night and in the bath. Prices are fantastic especially considering the metals and that most are made with natural gemstones such as lapis lazuli, moonstone, labradorite and quartz. I love that most have some symbolism or meaning behind it which can be quite subjective in the same way as tattoos are. 

I've been trying to decide what to purchase but the reality is that I've been on and off the website for the past three weeks, and still can't decide. I figured it would be easier to narrow it down if I created a wishlist, I also wanted to show you sweeties the awesomeness that is Regal Rose. 

Here's my top ten: 
1// Petra Mini Aztec Earrings (£10) 2// Andromeda Blue Lapis Necklace (£17) 3// Saros Poison Ring (£32) 4// Pagan Large Cross Earrings (£7) 5// Endora Long Pentagram Necklace (£10) 6// Elvin Crystal Quartz Necklace (£17) 7// Kali symbol nose studs (£12) 8// Solstice Ring (£24) 9// 10// Orla Rouge Amethyst Necklace (£20)

Pretty huh? Which stands out to you? I definitely love the necklaces and those nose studs inspire me to once again get my nose re-pierced. At one point I did have lots of piercings from my ears to my nose, belly button and even my lady lumps but it's my nose piercing I miss the most. The only thing stopping me from having it re-pierced is I don't think they use piercing guns anymore, do they? If they did I'd get it done in a second. 

You can check them out over on Regal Rose. Have you shopped here before? 


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