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SNEAK PEEK: Dior Cosmetics SS14 Collection

Dior's Summer 2014 products look amazing. I love functional colours and tend to reach for nudes, purples and pinks for typical day to day wear with the occasional pop of colour randomly. This collection isn't hugely different from previous ones but each product is so functional and wearable for most skin tones - which is awesome.

Due to be released around the end of February there is a bit of a weight but being informed now means you can plan your spring time looks well in advance.  Have a look at what's coming and please let me know if you'd prefer the images on my post to be smaller because these are MEGA sized. 

The Cinq Couleur Trianon comes in two colour-ways which are Pastel Fantasy and Pink Pompadou. These have a pearlescent finish so I'd recommend a primer if your skin is a little bit more mature. 

The Trianon Palette also comes in the two colour-ways which is Favourite and Coquette and finally the Trianon Blush comes in two gorgeous shades which are Coral Bagatelle which I'm absolutely loving and also Pink Reverie. 

Dior's Show Fusion Mono Matte shadows come in four shades which are Celeste, Fantasy, Son Jour and Mirage. I adore the finish on these and have my eyes on the Mirage shadow. 

Dior Show Trianon Mono's come in two options which are Angelic and Opaline - how amazing is the packaging though? 

Finally for this section is the Dior Vernis comes in Porcelain, Bloom and Bouquet and the Vernis Trianon Edition comes in Perle - I love these shades, they're so mellow and feminine. 

Rouge Serum de Rouge lipstick comes in Lace Coral Serum and on certain skin tones it's going to look nude and lush. Dior Addict Lip Glow comes in the gorgeous coral shade above, I'm not sure whether I prefer this or the Rouge Serum Lipstick, which do you prefer? 

Rouge Dior Lipsticks come in the four shades above, Rose Diadem, Rose Crinoline, Courtesan and Alegrance and there are four Dior Addict Glosses but I've no names for those yet sorry lovelies. 

So that's the sneek peek for the collection, is there anything that stands out? I'm loving the coral lip products. I may buy one or two products, I still have my bright pink Dior lipstick from a few years back simply because the finish and the colour is amazing. Dior products may be a tad more expensive but they really are worth it. 


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