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Sneek Peek | China Glaze SS14 Off-Shore Summer Collection

Due to be released in 2014 the Off Shore Collection by China Glaze is one of the best I feel. I was just recently saying that while I love lots of collection it's very rare that I like every single polish. This collection is right up my street as I adore each and every single colour. 

Because there's quite a wait I've heard that the name 'Off Shore' may change, I will update you over on Twitter if it does. Here are the colours...

This is the 'Stoked to be Soaked' collection. Colours from left to right are: 
  • Sea's The Day
  • Stoked to be Soaked 
  • If In Doubt, Surf It Out
  • Sun Upon My Skin 
  • Shore Enuff
  • Be More Pacific
The Dune Our Thing Collection's colours are from left to right: 
  • Feel The Breeze
  • Float On 
  • Dune Our Thing
  • X-Ta-Sea
  • I See The Point
  • Wait 'n' Sea

All shades as far as I believe are cream finishes which I adore. Which shade's your favourite? 


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  1. Definitely want to try that creamy orange color!!



    1. It's gorge isn't it. I'm in love with the pinky purple and plum in the Dune set. X


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