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SOAK Yourself's Little Box Ritual Kit

Hubble bubble toil and trouble. I am casting spells today with the SOAK yourself's 'The Little Box' bath ritual gift set. This particular gift set is the muscle soak variation because I figured it would suit my fibro body better. You can however choose the Blanche The Blues, Broken Heart, Feeling Groovy, Full Moon, Love and Remedy little soak box kits. 

Let's take a peek inside first of all...

I'm such a tease aren't I? As a definite earth mummy this suited my personality in the most amazing way. I definitely have my eye on the Full Moon kit because I do like to get my lunar celebration on with my family. So, this little box includes quite a lot of goodies and to be honest you really don't have to be spiritual, wiccan, pagan or well anything new-age like to really appreciate this box. 

Included in this box: 

 One Hour To Yourself Voucher - The perfect way to say to the rest of your house 'damn it I'm taking an hour to myself, and you better like it

 Eucalyptus & Blue Poppy Handmade Soap - This smells absolutely gorgeous and fresh. I've not used it yet but I do plan to especially in the run-up to the new year. 

 Eucalyptus Tea Bath Soak - Pop this into your bath to let the eucalyptus detox your body and soothe your mind. Extra awesome if you have a cold or flu. 

 Scented Candle - This needs no explanation. I would advise teaming this with some drinkable bubbles. 

 Muscle Soak Blended Essential Oils - This can be added to the bath or used on the body. 

 Pot Dried Marjoram Leaves - Pop these into your bath and let the marjoram oils blend with the warm bath water. Marjorams an excellent antioxidant as well as being fantastic for problematic skin types and even asthma sufferers. 

I absolutely love how well thought-out this gift box is, it's really a ladies dream. If anything it forces a busy woman to take an hour or two to herself to fully appreciate and enjoy it and that alone is priceless. 

You can pick up these for £25 over on the Soak Yourself website


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