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Too Faced Launching The Return of Sexy Palette

I know this palette is going to get some Too Faced mega fans excited, Too Faced seem to have a crazy following similarly to how Urban Decay mega fans are going crazy for the Naked palettes and Soap & Glory go crazy for their goodies - I get it I totally do, honestly I wish I could become a mega-fan and go stockpiling crazy on a brand but I jump about too much. 

Getting back on track Too Faced are launching it's new The Return of Sexy shadow palette for the holiday season - they're so good to us. It contains fifteen shadows which are organised into three sections - neutrals, purples and greys. There's a mixture of finishes from shimmer, pearl and sparkles. Also included is a 'how-to-glamour' guide so you can perfect your favourite eye looks and a Deluxe Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer and a full-size Perfect Eyes Eyeliner in Perfect Black. 

The palette will cost £38.50 and is wearable throughout the year, I love palettes that are function-able but for some reason, this doesn't have me excited. I feel bad though for not 'wanting' it like I'm hurting it's little Too Faced feelings or something (it may be late as I write this and I may be on a coffee high). I think the main reason for not wanting it is that I have these colours but separately. You will be able to purchase this from ASOS as soon as they re-stock. 

what do you sweeties think? Is it a wishlist nominee or we'll wait and see? 


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