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Top Ten Products To Battle Hair Humidity

Humidity it's a bitch. It may seem a bit strange that I would focus on frizz caused by humidity in autumn rather than summer but I am. Recently with the change from tepid to ball freezing winds I've found my hair acting especially strange which has seriously impacted on my confidence. 

Apparently, I have fine hair which gets finer the longer it gets. It has a natural 'kink' to it and according to the rule books, I do everything right. Wash, condition, leave it to dry naturally, straightening it, of course, using a protector spray and then leaving it to cool before heading out. I look in the mirror before leaving and at times I do think my hair looks pretty good, by the time I get to the car however it's turned into a frizzy mess and I no longer look polished - Arghhh! 

This happens every single day. I've tried frizz combating and straightening creams which all work well until I go outside. I decided to delve deeper into the issue even discussing it with my best friend earlier this morning - I was saying 'how do the American bloggers look so polished? they live in stupid heats but aren't perceived to be frizzy' I then found out they use specific anti-humidity products rather than standard anti-frizz products. 

Shopping around these are the best ten products I could find. 

Hair Help

You'll see there's quite a variance with prices. While the old me would have said go for the Garnier Fructis the new me is probably going to opt for the KMS or even Mark Hill. I've used other products from these brands and really love the results I've gotten with my hair. 

Here's what the products are: 

  • KMS Anti-humidity Seal £13.75
  • Aveda Brilliant Pomade £18.00
  • Alterna Bamboo Hairspray £13.95
  • Keratin Complex Straight Spray £20.35
  • Oribe Impermeable Anti-humidity spray £37 smaller size £18
  • Phytolisse Mask £22
  • Fructis Style Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk £3.95
  • Joico Design Humidity Blocker £14.95
  • Mark Hill Holiday Hair Spray £5.99
Some people say to use a strong hold hairspray on your hair but truthfully I wouldn't go down that route, not only will it look awful it can't be beneficial to your barnet either. I would absolutely love it if you've got any other anti-humidity suggestions or even tried and tested reviews. I will keep you posted with my reviews though because I feel these frizzy moments are just going to get worse *damned Scottish weather* 


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  1. thank you for this post my hair is a nightmare to control so will have a look at these products

    1. I feel your humid frustration Joanna, you'd think Summer would be worse but for some reason this weather's making my hair go crazy. I'll definitely keep you posted on how they perform, could you keep me posted on any you try lovely?

      Hugs x


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