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Weight Issues & Most Reached For

This week and a few weeks before then it's been all about the skincare. I've had quite a lot going on with health problems, sounds silly really but those health issues really have taken their toll on my skin. I've always been someone who's suffered from the odd spot or two but not to the extent that they're at just now (hence why there are no recent images of my face). 

I know it sounds completely daft that I've not uploaded pictures, but alongside the health problems I've also had a lot of top to toe body swelling (oedema) and thyroid issues, over the last few months it's caused me to gain just over 2 stone. It's definitely made a huge dent in my confidence and self-esteem, while I'm not 'fat' I'm simply not comfortable and the extra weight has taken me over my BMI. Not someone to bothered hugely about BMI's I do find my health improves when I'm on the normal side of it. Two weeks ago I was put on strong water tablets (furosemide) which have helped reduce the swelling somewhat and I also started the 5:2 diet after a ton of research and recommendations from my doctor. 

I've surprisingly found the 5:2 diet easier than expected, I did worry about 'starving' but found that it's not what happens at all, since starting I've lost 7lbs in the 2 weeks. 7lbs is huge for me because my body just doesn't want to shed the extra water or weight and tries to recompense for what it's lost - any loss at this stage is excellent for me. Once I'm a bit more comfortable I will upload progress pictures, I can see a huge difference in my cellulite, hips and the skin on my face with the exception of my forehead. 

You'll see from my empties post that there are a few 'spot products' I found my spots improved when I changed to the non-spot treatments - silly really but true fact. Here are the products I've been reaching for... 

Dermaco Collagen Cream (review here) - I've been testing this out daily, I adore it and it has a gorgeous rose-wood type scent that's very delicate. The cream is luscious and does what it says on the tin jar.

L'Oreal Age Perfect Refreshing Toner - I picked this up in ASDA's when my Clean & Clear ran out, the colours and the fact it looked fresh and light attracted me. I'm sure it was on offer costing around £2.25 which was great, couldn't pass up that bargain, could I? I've since found this product has been amazing and my face looks much fresher and youthful.  

ASDA Tea Tree Roll-On - I'm not entirely sure of the brand but it's basically a strong tea-tree that you roll on, it does work really well but will dry out the spot area after a while. I always have tea tree on hand for pimples and spots. 

Timebomb B12 Cocktail Complexion - Seriously this product is crazy amazing and is in my top five of all-time favourite beauty products. It's used in the same way as a toner but it's as though it wipes away patchy areas, discoloured areas and basically any area that doesn't glow. It's amazing. 

Burt's Bee's Banana & Beeswax Cream (review here) It's lush, lovely and smells like those sweetie foam banana's. Nuff said. 

What have you been reaching for recently? 


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  1. doing the 5:2 too. slow progress as quite a few weeks I've stayed the same but keeping going on it. If you want copies of any of the recipes give me a shout x

    1. How long have you been doing the 5:2 hun? That would be amazing, I'd love any of your favourite recipes if that's OK. I found a major difference, for the last 4 years I was put into an induced menopause, since coming off the injections my normal cycle never returned and my thyroid went cray-zee. In the week since starting my swellings starting to go down and my cycle returned. How have you found the fasting days? x

      Hugs Elyse x
      Email: sweetelysepr@gmail.com


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