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Wonderful World of Just Be Botanicals

Just Be Botanicals are an amazing company that ironically are situated about an hour away from where I stay in Edinburgh. The company believes that everyone should 'Just Be' themselves; they also believe that balancing emotional balance and improving your overall sense of well-being is important to living a happy life - honestly, I couldn't agree more. I couldn't wait to try the range and of course share the reviews and pics with you guys. Imagine my delight when this gorgeous pink box arrived from Just Be Botanicals. 

Oooh what's inside I hear you virtually ask? First up I pulled out the JustBe Detox Herbal Tea (£4.80), I tried this and fell in love as it didn't give me allergy symptoms like normal tea does. I've since added it to my new health schedule every few days which I believe has helped me lose over a stone in weight *yay*

This natural blend contains Clevers, Elderberries and Hibiscus Flowers. You simply pop some of the blend into a tea ball (not sure of the official name but these are only 50p in ASDA's) and then pop the ball into a hot mug of tea, leave it until it looks right for your tastes and then remove and drink. Easy peasy. 

The JustBe Cleansed Cleansing Gel (£7.50) comes in a handy 30ml size. I adore miniatures and travel sizes because they get used up while staying fresh. This feels so soothing on the skin and didn't make my skin worse, it's also a PH neutral product so can be used by even the most sensitive skin including teenage skins. 

JustBe Soft Lip Balm (£9.50) is the perfect stocking filler, if you know someone who loves a good balm then seriously purchase this one or get them to purchase it. A lot of balms will leave your lips soft but tend to leave a plastic film type feeling don't they or they taste gross once applied - this doesn't. It's so soft and moisturising and stays on the lips even after you have a drink. It's enriched with Vitamin E to keep your pout soft and it also contains tea-tree to keep any pesky bugs, sores or nasties at bay. 

Gail from Just Be Botanicals also popped in a sample of the Radiant Restoring Cream. This cream was really hydrating but didn't leave my skin feeling greasy, it's marketed as a daytime cream and does include SPF15 which is super important even in this autumn weather. 

Look at the balm, it looks so soft and yummy, you'd be forgiven for thinking this image was a pot of cream.  

And my favourite product ever... Happy Body Butter (£19.95). This is a mega sized jar filled with gorgeous citrus scented cream that's just lush... The scent honestly it just makes me feel vibrant and awake. 

And here is the gorgeous butter. Although it's a 'butter' it's not hard like The Body Shops butter and I suppose it's more of a thick cream that has extra moisturising powers - It's a damn superhero in a jar that's what it is! 

I've got to the point in my life where I either feel fab or terrible when I apply products. As a parents (and an overprotective one at that) it started with bath products and progressed from there - I hated the fact that I could have been putting something on my sons that may cause them health concerns later on in life. This obviously then grew to concern for my own health but brands such as Just Be Botanicals make me feel at ease when I apply them. 

I feel so positive I do apply these products to my sons (the butter and balm) after they have a bath as their skins are dryer now due to the weather. My middle son has sensitive skin that's seriously dry and he never had any side effects so you know this is good stuff. You can check these products out over on the website here - you won't be disappointed. 


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