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Woods of Windsor Cedar Wood Collection

Woods of Windsor, Cedar Wood Collection just launched in the UK and I was kindly sent these two products to review. I didn't really know what to expect having never seen or heard of the brand prior to this month but I appreciate the small things in life so wanted to judge simply on performance and packaging. 

The packaging is classic, it definitely has a British feel to it (possibly the Windsor part) and the labelling is uncluttered and fresh with nature-themed design. I love that both products come in pump top bottles as it means there's less mess and pump top bottles just look really chic, don't they? Here's a peek at the products individually. 

The Moisturising Hand Wash (£5.99). First off the pump top made this easy for us all to use even my little four-year-old monster found it easy to push down to clean his hands - as a parent that means a lot as it saves me a lot of time throughout the day as you could imagine. The wash gives off a good lather and my hands felt soft and comfortable after continued use. The fragrance, however, is simply to die for. I want to need them to make this scent into a perfume. 

Notes include Citrus, Lime, Mandarin and Violet Leaf; Cardamon, Elemi, Sage, Nutmeg, Fourier, Lavender, Patchouli, Cedarwood and Musk. The overall scent I'd say is unisex, full-bodied, spicy and sexy - there I said it, it's a sexy-sexy scent and I'd be shocked if anyone disliked it. 

The Hand and Body Lotion (£8.75) is an affordable lotion that is suited to normal and oily skins or those who don't need a thick butter. That being said it could be worn as a light daytime lotion or simply as a hand lotion - I use mine as all three and layer it over my body oil spray at night. It's a large 350ml size so even when I use this it's barely scratched the surface in the bottle. This lotion has the same scent as the hand wash but it's lighter, I really can't get enough of it. 

Also included in the range is the Bath & Shower Gel (£8.50), Fine Talc (£6.99), Fine English Soap (£4.99). It's definitely a scent that would layer up well and would be suited to both men and women so if you like multi-purpose products or want to be a bit of a thrifty chick then try these out. 

On the same note, these would be amazing gifts for all ages. The scents gorgeous but I do get that the packaging may not be everyone's cup of tea and in that case I would focus on the more mature person to gift this too - personally I would love these but then hubster does say I'm a granny in a young woman's body the cheeky sod that he is. 

You can pick up these products and also the others in the collection over on the Woods of Windsor's website which you can find here. If you still feel that it's not young enough then check out the Blue Orchid range over on their website, if you adore Cath Kidston style shabby chic floral you're going to love that packaging design better - promise. 


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