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Zoya NYFW SS14 Collection

I've always loved the look of Zoya nail polish but hadn't actually ever tried it until quite recently. It's not easy to come by in the UK (as far as I'm aware) so when I get the opportunity to purchase it I do. I'm especially loving the look of the 2014 NYFW collection which Zoya does annually. This year (well next year) there are three sets of trios which come boxed up all nice and fancy - take a peek.

N'awww it's like the little bottles are all tucked up in bed - I love me some cute organisation and this is cute. So the three 'trios' are called Peter Som, Zang Toi and Timo Weiland. My favourite has to be Timo Weiland and you'll see why in a moment. 

This collection is Peter Som. This set is inspired by 'Where land meets water' and each of the three polishes are creme formulas, the shades are Alexa (green), Edie (blue) and Stella (coral) - how beautiful is the Stella polish. 
My favourite collection - Timo Weiland. I adore these simply because of their warmth and the boldness in each shade. This collection was inspired by Country Smart and Urban Chic. Shades include Timo (Indigo Blue), Maura (Summer Red) and Jacqueline (Nude with Cool Undertones).  
Finally, the last collection is Zang Toi. This collection was inspired by both beauty and the runway and is just so gorgeous, isn't it? I would have chosen this as my favourite but the blue wouldn't suit my tone - so jealous of people who can pull off blue tones. The shades in this set are Black Swan (Blackest Black), Boy Toi (Delicate Pale Blue) and Ballet Babe (Delicate Full Coverage Pink). 

See if there was a collection that consisted of the Ballet Babe, Jacqueline and Stella I would be all over that - I would have actually paid stupid money for a nude set with those shades. I have to say that each of these three sets although they are different they all have an equal amount of appeal value to them and they flow together so well. Hugely impressed and I will be keeping my eyes peeled for these. 

I can't see them live over on the reputable Zoya UK sites but as soon as they go live you can find them over on Nail Care Club (home of Zoya UK) although there are Amazon and eBay (debatable, wouldn't recommend to use them) or also reputable salons. 

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