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Zoya Zenith Winter Collection

I'm not hugely sold on pearl, metallics or shimmer finishes but this collection has a little bit of everything and together is simply perfect. I can totally imagine mixing these up with a focal finger or two done in a different shade or some tips in a different texture. 

This is the Zoya Zenith collection which is live now, it was released at the beginning of October and seems to have hidden away because it really isn't getting the media miles it deserves. The collection consists of six polishes that remind me of magic and the cosmos. Here are the pics...

The shades in the collection are from left to right, top to bottom: 

Seraphina - Full coverage light metallic silver. 
Belinda - Full coverage cosmic purple. 
Mosheen - This is an icy blue strand and hexagram glitter polish and topcoat. It's so beautiful and reminds me slightly of the feathered polishes. I've popped some swatches of this in action from Polish Aholic Blog below. 

Payton - Deep cranberry holographic glitter polish. 
Cassedy - Full coverage galactic pewter. 
Dream - Deep holographic blue. 

I love The Polish Aholic's swatches, they really show just how deep and fabulous these shades are. While I'm not going to completely convert to loving metallics and shimmers for these I will make the exception. 

You can pick these up Nail Care Club (home of Zoya.co.uk) as well as places like Ebay, Amazon and across the net, prices will vary but these are £10.50 over on Nail Care Club (not sponsored or promoted or anything, I doubt Nail Care Club even know I've written this post). 
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