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12 Awesome Packaging Designs

If you've followed my blog over the last year you will know how much I adore design and packaging, it's one of the first things I look at when deciding what products to add to my collection and for me it's one of the major deciding factors for what stays in my collection and isn't given away to my awesome cousin. 

I crave originality, style, and colour. It doesn't need to be bright or flashy and doesn't even need to be made with the most luxurious materials - I actually adore packaging that's stripped back and raw but made well, take for example the organic make up above, it's so simple but timeless; I really love it. 

I also love the originality of the Spine Vodka bottle, a gold spine who would have thunk it! (yup thunk is applicable in this case). When it comes to raw design those twig matches absolutely had me wanting to purchase them and I don't even smoke but the design sold me - it drew me into its twiggy grasp and made me covet them so bad. When that happens you know it's great packaging, don't you? 

For femininity and simplicity I absolutely love the boxed Kate Spade lipsticks, most brands would have had them packaged in clear shrink plastic or some other average covering but not Kate. It definitely gives these chubby sticks a different type of appeal - an appeal of luxury and girlishness all rolled into one and again I wanted to go and Google them so I could purchase them just for that damn box. Benefit Cosmetics always pay attention to their products and if I'm being truthful it's one of the aspects that make the brand the huge hit that they are today. Many other brands have tried (and failed) at copying the style but it's too recognisable to try and beat. Bright and bold are key to Benefits packaging design and any of their products would look awesome sitting out on a dressing table or beauty shelf. 

That Adidas trainer box I thought was a genius concept because you could easily slap a photograph on the side of that and voilà, ready-made storage for your shoe closet or wardrobe - saves buying a ton of those plastic shoe storage boxes also doesn't it. 

Kooky packaging is also a hit but I tend to find I'm instantly coveting items that are kooky and kawaii but when I own them I grow board (or realise I'm too old for that crap) and give it away. However, those oranges packaged up as a carrot - genius! Paul & Joe and Anna Sui are two brands that would fit into the kooky and kawaii category but they do it so well it's OK to crave them in your thirties, forties and even fifties. It's grown-up fun and so far there's no product design they've created that I've hated. 

So you can see my predicament when it comes to packaging is that I adore so many variations of design and style that it's hard to pick one, especially when it houses the most amazing products. What packaging styles or colours do you tend to migrate towards? I think if I was forced to narrow down my ultimate style I definitely veer towards raw, natural even with non cluttered patterns and a pretty (not too curvy) typo. I love brown kraft papers and muted shades like chalky teals, matte carmine and mushroom tones. I definitely love when brands come up with something new and innovative and I do feel that packaging design will take centre stage in 2014 for many health and beauty brands. 

I can't wait! Indulge me in my strange passion, what brands do you think have amazing packaging styles. You can find all of my favourites over on my Pinterest board here. Of course you can also click through to the original sources via that Pinterest board too. 


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  1. Packaging is super important to me too :) I really love benefit's packaging as well! One of my favourite alcohol packages is Crystal Skull Vodka (which is owned by Dan Akroyd) and they have such amazing signature vodka bottles. (Good quality vodka too!)

    Kate Xx


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