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12 Days of Christmas Nails With Nails Inc

Christmas is one of those celebrations that changes you. It makes you want to reconsider your actions, be nicer to people who grate on you and take pride in your appearance and life as a whole. Now I'm not taking complete overhaul but who here reading this post doesn't do something to make them feel warm inside? buying that gift for someone because you know they'll love it even if you don't get anything back, helping a friend or family member out just because or something more personal such as getting a Christmas day outfit, buying new PJ's because you can't do Christmas without PJ's or even contemplating how you're going to improve your life for the following year? 

I know in this economy everyone's struggling - we are too so I totally get it. That's why I tend to do my own nails for Christmas, a new polish, some nail art or a nude manicure; just something to make me feel special to ultimately boost my frame of mind and confidence. Then, if I can afford a new dress I buy a high street one (when I was a struggling a bit more) of course after my sons have got their Christmas day PJ's and clothing. 

So, while Pinterest is brimming with gorgeous nail art pictures I wanted to focus on the basics - nail polish. One Simple bottle at a time to spruce up your look for a low price, I hope you enjoy or get inspired by these beauties...

These five are my favourites, I love the full coverage polishes as they're so effortless and long-lasting. I especially love the middle glitter - those reds and the purple twinkles are too pretty! 

From left to right: 

Mayfair Mews Fibre Optic Polish (£12): Navy full coverage fibre optic polish, navy black and silver strand glitter. 
Bling It On Glitterball (£18): Baker Street cobalt blue base with pretty multi coloured sparkles on top. 
Regents Park (£16): This is apart of the Best Dressed Collection, it's a red sprinkles full coverage glitter. 
Chelsea Embankment Polish (£11): Full coverage gold glitter. 
South Kensington (£12): Silver full coverage foil effect. 

From Left to Right: 

Trafalgar Crescent (£12): Galaxy polish in full coverage silver. Galaxy polishes are created with crushed foil and silver pearl shapes. 
Sheraton Street & Chelsea Bridge Road (£11 & £12): Delicate dusky grey-blue as a base with a full coverage foil effect French tip. 
Black Taxi & Diamond Arcade (£11): Glossy black base coat with special effects glitter topcoat. 
Regents Street (£25): This gorgeous autumnal shade is apart of the Autumn Winter Collection, described as glossy grape this is my favourite out of all 12 nail polishes. 
Oxford Street (£25): Also as apart of the Autumn Winter Collection Oxford Street is a glossy rich toffee, nude. 

St James & Chelsea Embankment (£11): Glossy pillarbox red base coat with a gold full coverage glitter French tip. 
St James & Floral Street (£11): Holiday candy cane stripes using glossy pillarbox red and glossy true white stripes. I love this design. 

Which is your favourite? Have you purchased a Christmas shade or had some Christmas nail art applied to your nails? You can purchases these all at Nails Inc here

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