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2True Pro Sparkles Glitter Powder For Nails

Sparkles, how I love sparkles. 

I was absolutely in my element when these beauties popped through the door, having previously reviewed the Kimberly Pro Glitter here I was excited to get my glitter on. These three glitters are by 2True which are stocked in Superdrug's across the UK, the brand offers a range of beauty products at low prices but they're products are really good in my opinion - I'd say they're on par with Bourjois although Bourjois have a higher price point. 

The glitters I received was Alesha (multi-coloured), Cheryl (pink-red) and Danni (gold). I did mistakenly think that Cheryl was a red glitter but as you'll see below it definitely takes on more of a pink shade which is still very beautiful. 

Here's a swatch-a-thon of the sparkles...

From left to right is: 

Alesha on its own, Danni on its own; 3 layers with Alesha at the top, Danni in the centre and Cheryl on the bottom, Cheryl on its own. Danni delicately sprinkled on top of red base polish and Alesha sprinkled on a black polish base. 

My favourite is the Alesha multi-coloured sparkles on the black, you can't see the sparkle as much in the photo but these babies really glitter and shine. You can use them to cover your whole nail, a section of your nail or delicately sprinkle on top of your polish before adding a top coat to seal. 

My genius beauty therapist cousin Gina adds these to her Shellac mani's and it looks so beautiful so you could definitely work these in with your Gelish or CND gels without them melting or bleeding. On a similar multi-functional note you can add some to your hair or mix with some moisturiser to get your glitter on for partying this New Year - of course, a little goes a long way as this is very sparkly but it's fine so won't look out of place. 

You can purchase 2True Pro Sparkles products instore or online at Superdrug's here. Cheryl and Danni are currently only £2 whereas Alesha is £4 but these will last a long time - promise. 

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