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And The Colour For 2014 Is......

Radiant Orchid - Pantone shade 18-3224 is the colour for 2014. Who would have thought this lilac, lavender and pink hybrid would make the grade. Personally, I would have gone for Grayed Jade or Linen but then I'm not the trend maker over at Pantone. 

I do know there will be loads of ladies who adore this shade, if you love it you should totally work it. For me, I just feel like I've been there and done that and looked like a dog's dinner - purples don't work on me *sobs* 

Apparently, this shade inspires confidence, emanates a great job, love and health. I'm not going to start doubting the powers of colour therapy now so I will give it a bash - probably. I want confidence, great job prospects, and health; who doesn't? 

This winning colour also made it's way into the Pantone Fashion Colour Report Spring 2014 so it is being picked up by major designers, it's said that Jackie Fraser-Swan, Yoana Baraschi, and Juicy Couture have already planned their Radiant Orchid touches on the SS14 collections so if you're hating on this shade chances are you're going to hate the spring and summer styles on the high street. 

Will you be rocking Radiant Orchid or giving it a miss? 


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