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Anna Sui | Spring 2014 Collection

Anna Sui makes the prettiest beauty products don't they, I think Anna Sui and Paul & Joe would definitely come tops in any packaging competition for sure. This collection is their Spring 2014 collection and although it's due to release in Japan in January I'm pretty sure it's going to hit our shores not long after. 

So let's get to it, here are some pretty product images... 

Nail Polish - There's not too much information surrounding this. I'm presuming it's only the pink in the promotional picture above but I could be wrong. 

Protective Lip Balm - Not pictured but this is also due for release around the same time. It has SPF25 added which is fantastic. 

Rose Cheek Colour - Love Rose (302) and Magic Rose (601)

Soft Matte Lip Pens - Coral Pink (302 - this has gold shimmer), Rose Pink (303 - silver and red shimmer) and Peach Pink (702 - beige/pink). 

Also as apart of the collection is this gorgeous Hair & Body Trial Kit although it's not going to be released until February along with some pretty lipsticks. This kit includes Rose Hair Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Shampoo. 

As soon as it's launched you will find these over on ASOS hereas usual, I love that ASOS seems to be the company that snaps up this collection *high five to ASOS* What do you think, pretty aren't they. 

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