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Benefit Reveals Gimme Brow

Did you go brow crazy when Cara Delevingne hit the big time? I know I did but funnily enough, I use to hate having thick eyebrows as a teenager. Now as an adult I'm all about the bushy brows and the brow felt pen liners and on occasion brow pencils and I was entirely happy with the products I've been using but Benefit have gone and done it again. 

This March sees the release of Gimme Brow, it's a brush on fibre gel which aims to blend, build and shape your brows with little fuss. Here's a peek at the packaging and wand...

The formula is a water-resistant gel so it's easy to apply and does all of the hard work for you, you really can't go wrong (apparently). It comes in two shades light/medium (pictured above) and medium/deep. 

This also coincides with the release of the Brow Arch March campaign alongside Debenhams. The aim of the campaign is to help the Look Good Feel Better Charity that helps those who have suffered visible side effects from cancer treatments.  

You can pick this up of course from the Benefit Cosmetics website here in March. Are you going to be shaping up and shaping out with this product? I so badly want to try it. 


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