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Binky London Launches New Polish Collection

Yup I unashamedly watch Made in Chelsea. I'm not sure why as most of the characters really annoy the living daylights out of me - Especially Spencer Matthews. I don't watch a lot of reality TV to be honest but MIC has just become a habit I suppose. 

One of my favourite characters is Binky Felstead as I understand her, she seems to be the one everyone goes to with their problems, the one that attracts the less amount of drama and she's just so friendly isn't she. I like her. 

What I didn't know is that Binky has her own nail polish collection under the brand 'Binky London.' She's just unveiled her new nail polish collection which includes two sets of five polish (pictured above). These sets are gel effect polishes with pearled top coat, the other set is a Christmas themed set with a free glitter top coat. 

These will be sold over on the Ideal World TV website and I presume channel. In January the full range of 38 shades will be released and they will be priced £4.95. You might be reading this thinking 'meh' why would I want 'Binky' polishes? If you adore Models Own, Me Me Me cosmetics, Kubiss, ASDA, Collection 2000 or Smashbox cosmetics then you may be slightly more intrigued to know they're all made by the same company. 

Personally I like the colours and for me I'd purchase most polish brands if I liked the colour and I knew it was a good formula. I'm definitely intrigued to find out if these match say the gel effect polishes by Nails Inc as they're definitely lower cost. Do you find you stay within a few brands or are you someone who likes to test the polish waters? 

You can find these over on the Ideal World website here


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