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Contouring With Miners Fresh Faced Pressed Powders

Look at that cute Mickey Mouse shaped powder display, I definitely had Mickey on the mind when setting out these because my youngest is a big Mickey fan. Do you ever find your child goes through phases with cartoon characters but Mickey always tends to be at the end of the full circle? 

The same goes with powdered foundation, it tends to come back full circle in the darker months. I find in the summer it cakes or just doesn't look good on my combination skin but when the night gets darker and the nights colder I can't wait to reach for the powders. I find powders cover my skin far better than foundation, crazy huh. 

I find foundations don't last on my skin and any pimples that may be hidden rear their ugly heads within 30 minutes of wearing any foundation, concealers do the same but last around an hour tops. I pretty much have to grin and bear it while showing the world my pimples. I've put it down to the creamy formula's and my combi' skin that just doesn't want to absorb anything *grrr* 

These little beauties are by Miners, I'm a mega-fan of the low-cost brand because their products work, they're also affordable and fun. The Miners Fresh Faced pressed powders to cost £3.99 and come in three shades. The lightest shade is called ' Translucent Ivory' the medium shade is 'Soft Sand' and the darker shade is ' Warm Honey.' You know the best thing about the Translucent Ivory is that it's suitable for even the lightest milk bottle toned skins. 

I find my skin tone changes over the seasons and you know how big contouring is. I think everyone saw the Kim Kardashian photo showing how she worked her contours. If not I've popped the picture below. I find having these three powders allows me to get my contour on without looking hideous.  Contouring allows you to really highlight your best features while still remaining natural, some people tend to cover their faces with just one shade which is what gives some people tide marks or patchy areas because of the shades too light or dark for that particular area on their face. 

So what I would recommend is when you purchase your foundations, concealers and powders is to purchase two or three shades that are similar. This ensures you can adequately contour throughout each season. Warm Honey can also be used as a bronzer or a warm nude eyeshadow. 

I fully recommend these pressed powders, they cover well, they don't cake or crease and they blend so seamlessly into the skin without leaving dry patches. The best aspect for me is that they don't contain parabens. You can check these powders out over on the Miners Cosmetics website, they also still have the Luxe Lips Lipgloss for sale which I absolutely recommend - If you love liquid lipsticks you're going to love these. 


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