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Cynthia Rowley & Birchbox Collaboration

Wowsers. Cynthia Rowley is dipping her toes into the beauty world with her collaborated cosmetic collection with Birchbox. I wonder what lead to these to brands coming together and if it was Rowley's team that contacted Birchbox or vice-versa? Overall there will be three limited edition products launched, you can take a peek at one of them below in closer detail...
The exclusive collection includes a black liquid eyeliner, this gorgeous smoky pink and plum eyeshadow palette and a gorgeous gilded beauty bag. There's talk that there will be more releases from this collaborative brand duo in the spring but seriously I'm just blogging about this because of this utterly sexy palette. 

The worst part - so far it's only hitting America. I hope that Birchbox UK brings this over here because I would sign up or purchase this in an instant. Out of all of the beauty box subscription brands, I do love Birchbox, their products are always quality and are consistently good. Other brand boxes have been pretty hit-or-miss. 

Of course, if I find out anymore I will keep you all updated. 


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