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Did You Hear About These Crazy Rumors

Vegan, natural and yummy. This isn't how I remember crazy rumours starting but, this is a different type of crazy rumour - this crazy rumor is actually a lip balm brand. 

The balms made by the brand are 100% natural, certified organic and contain fantastic ingredients such as organic Shea butter and organic Jojoba. Created in 2003 by an American couple who found it difficult to find a lip balm that was natural, kind to the skin and worked exceptionally well. This led them to create their own - I'm all for couples or friends creating products and starting businesses I find it highly inspirational, don't you? 

Well, they're making their way to our shores this month and will be stocked exclusively at Holland & Barrett stores. Priced at £3.49 these are affordable for all budgets and make great little stocking fillers too. 

I plan to get my paws on a few flavours all going well, as soon as they're available I'm planning on snapping up Gingerbread which is a limited edition flavour and then going forward possibly the coffee inspired ones, that is if Holland & Barrett stock them. I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on this brand? 

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