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Eye of Horus | Smokey Eye Pencil

I've heard a lot about the Eye of Horus brand over the last few months but initially felt frustrated that it was another brand that looked fantastic but wasn't available in the UK - well, its finally arrived! Eye of Horus are an Australian beauty brand that create products that use naturally derived ingredients. It's achieved cult status in it's home country as well as New Zealand and the Philippines, it's now our turn. 

There are a few products in the range, I chose one of these products as a PR sample (thank you Eye of Horus) and it came packaged in this utterly gorgeous gift bag. So do you want to see what product I chose?... 

The Goddess Smokey Eye Pencil comes in seven shades, I have the Smokey eye pencil but you can also choose the Emerald (dark green), Bronze (bronze), Charcoal (slate black), Nubian Brown (dark brown), Serpentine (olive green) and Teal Malachite (teal). 

It's duel ended as you can see with the pencil on one end and the smudger on the other. I love that you can apply this as a bold dark line or you can smudge it out to give your peepers the perfect sultry smoky-eye. 

The pencil definitely applied like a kohl pencil in that it's soft and creamy. It blends easily but do not be mistaking for thinking it's going to come off once applied, because it's not. Once applied this remains firmly in place and is best removed with make-up remover. I've never found a liner that stays put so this is a real treasure for me as I do have oily eyelids. 

Also included in the collection is Goddess Mascara (£17), Liquid Define (£13) and Goddess Pencils (£13). The Goddess Mascara is suitable for sensitive skins and contains Moringa Oil which is full of vitamins and fatty acids, this helps to strengthen your lashes and the overall lash structure. Liquid Define is a felt tip pen type black liner that allows you to get a perfect cat eye fast and effectively - I've used felt pen liners before and I really wouldn't ever go back to ink liners. With a felt you get a perfect line that's all evenly coloured, with ink it's pretty hit or miss depending on the brush, your shakiness and how your oily or dry your eyelids are that day. 

Overall just trying this one product I really want to try the rest, you know how it is when you expect a product to perform well and it exceeds your expectations it makes you want more, similarly if something's rubbish it stops you from purchasing more from that brands - at least for a little while.

You can check out the products over on their website www.eyeofhoruscosmetics.co.uk


Statement: PR Sample

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