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Givenchy Spring & Summer Beauty Collections

Givenchy are releasing their spring 2014 collection on January 21st 2014 - the collection is called 'Over Rose' and is so elegant, fresh and girly. 

The collection will include:

Prismissime Lip and Cheek Palette (£44.50) which is the pink palette pictured above. It comes only in the one shade - Euphoric Pink which really describes it so well if you love pink you're going to love that palette but I have heard a few peeps saying they're 'over pink.' 

Rouge Interdit Shine Lipstick (£22) comes also in one shade which is Rose Sensation. It has a glossy finish and is the perfect rose shade for all skin tones.  

Le Vernis polish (£15.50) comes in Rose Addiction.

Noir Couture Mascara (£23.50) strangely comes in a shade called Rose Pulsion which sounds perfectly fine, it is, however, dark pink with a taupe hint - I wonder what it would look like on the lashes? 

Prisme Yeux Quatuor (£36) This eye quad comes in Rose Attraction only. 

Mister Eraser Imperfection Correcting Pen (£21.50) Erase and mattify your skin with this correcting pen. I definitely want to try this just to see how well it works, I'm all for mattifying the skin but haven't found a product that stands out... yet. 

Pretty awesome isn't it. I love Givenchy's Quatuor palettes they always look so pretty and stand out. I've yet to see one and not think ' I WANT IT' but unfortunately my purse doesn't stretch that far, especially since I buy too much beauty items as it is. I'm thinking 2014 may be my year to budget and only buy products that are excellent regardless of price - I figured it's the same as buying expensive key items that will take you through each season rather than purchasing low-cost products that may be hit-or-miss and ultimately waste more money in the long run. 

Also being released on February 1st is a new eye shadow collection called 'Ombre Couture.' This collection comprises of a few lovely shades such as Beige Mousseline, Rose Dentelle, Bleu Soie, Blanc Satin, Taupe Velours, Kaki Brocart, Gris Organza, Pruse Taffetas and Brun Cachemire. 

These shadows will be priced £18 and will last for 16 hours giving the wearable a smooth, silky and waterproof pop of colour that won't fade or smudge - yay. Better stock up on a tough make-up remover. 

Will you be lusting after either of these collections? You can find both collections over on a few sites namely House of Fraser, Debenhams and Harrods


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  1. Very pretty! Where are you find these sneak peaks of yours?! I am loving it! I haven't seen them anywhere else, so thank you very much!
    This is the first time on you your blog for me but I will sign up and be a regular!


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