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Lanolips 101 Ointment & It's Many Uses


Lanolips are an iconic brand, I'd say most beauty bloggers have coveted the brand at some point and most may have tried at least one product. There's a reason why the brand is so coveted and that's simply because the products work so well and are enjoyable to use. 

The main ingredient is lanolin which acts as a barrier, protecting and soothing naughty skin. I found a little goes a long way as unlike petroleum-based products this hydrates but as soon as it's absorbed into the skin you don't suddenly feel dry again. 

The balm as you can see comes out white when you leave it on the skin or your lips it just starts to melt with your body heat which you can see on the right picture. It has plenty of uses so if you're a multi-usage girl at heart this is going to be perfect for your beauty bag. 

Lips, eyebrows, chapped skin, highlighting cheekbones, taming flyaway hair or smoothing on to the cuticles - I'm pretty sure there are more uses, let me know if you think of any. Lanolips also have an eight-hour challenge where you put a thick layer of 101 ointments on to your lips, leaving it to soak in overnight and then wake up with soft, supple and unbelievably smooth lips! it really works as my lips are so much better now than they were 2 weeks ago, no-one likes dry, raggy and peeling lips do they?

This costs £7.99 and is so worth it. You can pick up your own tube from Victoria Health.com here and the You Beauty Discovery box is featuring this product also, the box costs £6.95 a month and features a great selection of beauty goodies. You can also pop into Boots or Waitrose as they also sell the brand.  


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