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Living Nature's Deep Cleansing Mask

Living Nature create amazing natural products and I previously posted about their Precious lipstick which is the perfect nude shade. And, if it wasn't obvious from their name they are indeed a natural company - certified to be exact and while they're products don't contain nasty scientific ingredients they ingredients they do own work just as good if not better. 

I adore clay based products and Glamglow is one of my all time favourite products, like seriously I adore that product. The Deep Cleansing Mask by Living Nature is made using white Hallo Clay. This clay is one of the purest and finest clays in the world and is especially good for pimple or acne prone skin types. 

Well heck I'm on board then! 

So I received two sachets to try out as pictured below. I tested out the first on the night I received them and I was really impressed. The sachets are filled with pure white clay that's not to thick and not too thin (sounding like the Goldilocks and the three bears aren't I?) basically it was the right consistency to cover my face evenly.  

I now tend to base my clay masks on how well they perform in comparison to Glamglow, so how did this compare? The initial differences are that this one applies easier and you need less product, Glamglow has extra herbs in it and the volcanic ash to really pumice away dead skin cells after the treatment is done; this mask isn't scented which is great for those who are affected by scented facial products, Glamglow does carry a scent albeit a herbal one, Glamglow has the 'pore matrix' which shows you how gross your pores really are depending on how black the dots are on your face - this is however due to the oil sucking tendencies of volcanic ash, this one also shows your pores but on a much smaller scale and is overall more gentle on the skin. 

After use, both products left my skin feeling soft, smooth and evenly toned. I did find that the results would fade with Glamglow after a few days, it's hard to relate Living Nature to Glamglow for this point only due to my on-going skin issues although my 'skin' looks amazing it's the cysts and pimples that aren't so good (and not caused by this product I have to add). 

I do plan to purchase the full-size product after Christmas because of the results I did see with these two samples. I love that this is aimed at acne prone skin and while my skin issues aren't caused by 'acne' I'm all for treating the physical effects in the same way. Living Nature Deep Cleansing Clay Mask contains an amazing ingredient called antimicrobial Manuka Oil which helps to specifically draw out the built up oils and impurities found with this skin type, it's also an amazing healer and Manuka can be used for all skin and body care problems without any shocking side effects (if you're allergic to bee's give it a miss though). 

The full size costs £25 for 50ml which is going to last you a while I promise. It's sold over on Feel Unique but of course if you go through Quidco here you also get 11% cash back and free delivery which means you'll only pay £22.50 *yay*


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