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MAC Huggable Collection for Spring 2014

Launching in January I am giddy about this gorgeous lip colour collection. It's by MAC Cosmetics of course and is their spring 2014 range. Here's a promo shot to get you as excited as I am... 

Look at that pigmentation, it's incredible. First off I do have to tell you that these products are limited edition, I think that's why I'm so giddy because you know when you want something so bad but have to wait - I'll be so upset if I miss out in the New Year. 

The formula is suppose to be the perfect lipstick. It's super glossy, soft but not so much it slides off your lips, lasting power and fully opaque and pigmented. Some say that this is the better version of MAC Sheen Supreme but with more colour power - I hadn't tried that lippy so can't give an opinion but these just wow me so much. 

Lipstick shades are: 

Commotion - Deep creamy plum with cool undertones. 
Cherry Glaze - Creamy orange-red. 
Extra Sweet - Soft Creamy Pink. This is an Asian exclusive though so bloomin' angry. 
Fashion Force - Cool toned creamy coral. 
Feeling Amorous? - Creamy mid-tone fuchsia 
Fresh & Frisky - Creamy neutral peach. 
Love Bean - Warm creamy mid-tone pink. 
Out For Passion - Creamy soft rose with warm undertones. 
Red Necessity - Deep warm wine. 
Rich Marron - Creamy mid-toned chestnut. 
Rusty - Deep auburn cream. 
Sweet Creation - Soft yellow toned peach. Also an Asian exclusive grrrr. 
Touche - Creamy light beige. 
What A Feeling! - mid-toned creamy pink with cool undertones. 

There's fourteen lipstick in this collection however two are Asia exclusives. I wish we were getting those shades as the Extra Sweet would be jumping into my shopping basket for sure *grrr*  Once released though you can purchase (quickly) over on the MAC Cosmetics website here. Which shade would you choose? 


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