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MAC Magnetic Nudes Spring 2014 Collection

January, January ooh ooh ooh *fist pumps*

Another awesome January release from Mac Cosmetics this time it's the Magnetic Nudes Spring 2014 Collection. It's once again all about the nudes, creamy finishes and products that give the wearer the look of natural beauty. 

Look at the promo model above, how beautiful does make face look with the nudes on it. I want that damn it! Who's with me for getting their skin in check to pull of the nude look? Put your hand up if you are... 

So the products and shades being released are: 

Extra Dimension Skin finish  

Fairy Precious - Peach with a pearl sheen. 
Magnetic Appeal - Medium tan with a fine golden sheen. 
Superb - Multi-Dimensional shimmer in a soft peachy nude. 

Extra Dimension Blush 

At Dusk -  Mid-toned cool pink. 
Autoerotique - Mid-toned rosy coral. 
Pleasure Model - Soft terracotta with pearl pigment. 

Extra Dimension Eyeshadow 

A Natural Flirt - Iridescent light pink. 
Sweet Heat - Soft peachy-pink 
Silver Dawn - Mid-toned mauve-grey. 
Amorous Allow - Deep terracotta-copper
Platinum Love - Bright silver. 


Carnal Instinct - Amplified Creme Deep red with gold pearl pigment. 
Close Contact - Creamy peach. 
Morning Rose - Creamesheen Soft rose with cool undertones. 
Sensual Sparks - Amplified Creme Cool caramel with mid-tones. 


A Quiet Roar - Creamy off-white. 
Hellbound - Brick red with gold pearl pigment. 
Steel Kiss - Mid-toned mauve with green pearl pigments. 
Oh My Darling - Pale pink with yellow. 
Over Spiced - Mid-toned muted coral. 


128 Split Fibre Cheek Brush 
235 Split Fibre All Over Eye Brush


Chilled - frosted gold-white
It's Physical - Brown with purple pearl pigment. 
Our Secret - Metallic brown with red pearl pigment. 

Opulash Bad, Bad, Black  in Black

What do you sweeties think? Do you think you'll be working the nude face look this spring? You can get it in January (not long) over on  MAC Cosmetics


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