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Magnitone Pulsar Thoughts & Opinions

You know the struggles I've had with my skin so I won't go into the full details again but I've tried cutting back on the products I was using, I've tried cutting out products that contain wheat and wheat derivatives and it has helped somewhat. The one thing it didn't stop was the marks left from scaring and the daily break-outs which were causing me quite a bit of pain. 

I was embarrassed by it all because my foundation and concealer just couldn't hide the huge cysts and my confidence was knocked completely (which is why there were decidedly less lipstick lip swatches and facial images), I know it's completely shallow and petty but I just couldn't shake how I was feeling. 

I was kindly sent the Magnitone Pulsar to try out and I was so excited but nervous because I realised this was either going to improve my skin or make it a whole lot worse and the latter scared the bejesus out of me to tell you the truth. I um'd and aah'd at whether I should give it a go and then realised it couldn't make me feel any worse than I did if it all went wrong, here's the product images...

The Magnitone Pulsar (pictured above) is shaped like a massager or brush I suppose, it's lightweight and comes with a docking station that charges it up via a mains adapter. Inside the box, you will receive the docking station, two brush heads and of course the Pulsar machine and instructions. 

There are two brushes, I have the normal brush but there's also a sensitive brush which is shown on the left side picture - the sensitive brush has a black ring to it whereas the normal has a blue ring. To pop on the brush or to take it off you simply twist it into place which is so easy and stress-free. I charged it up when I first opened it but if you're too impatient it does come with enough charge to try it out. I did accidentally bend some of the bristles when putting on the cap *oops* so watch out when you're doing the same. 

So what does it do? its main focus is to cleanse your face and body of course but it's fancier than that, there are four 'modes' that cover a range of pressures which is great if you need a gentler clean or if you're like me and want a tougher clean. The modes are deep cleansed, sensitive, exfoliate and pulse lift massage. I love the message option on my face as it does an incredible job of cleaning even in the tougher areas such as corners of your nose and bridge of your nose. My sons love that option for getting their backs tickled.

I spent hours completely overhauling ALL of my beauty and skincare products which stopped the cysts and boils (celiacs) as the wheat and gluten-based products were clearly causing those problems. I've tried to be stricter with my diet as I've found the days where I do accidentally eat gluten or wheat I've woken up with a break-out and now that I've gained control this has eased. It's advisable to use the sensitive option for the first three days but I didn't (such a rebel eh) and my skin didn't get worse, it actually improved - a lot.  

To use the brush you rinse the brush and dampen your face or the area you plan to clean with water. Select the mode you're going to use and then apply a little cleanser to the brush, using a circular motion you just move the brush unit across your skin for a minute or two on your face or around three minutes for your body and then rinse. It's super easy. At first, I was nervous about getting it wet but I shouldn't have been as it's fully waterproof, when the red light starts to flash I just pop it back on charge until the light returns back to a solid red shade. 

Now my skin has cleared, I still have marks from previous boils which I know will fade in time, I do believe it comes down to using the Pulsar and not eating or wearing any wheat or gluten products. I've noticed though if I go a few days without using it my skin definitely goes downhill. Over time the Pulsar is supposed to help provide the skin cells with oxygen and vital nutrients, this helps to promote healthy skin metabolism and natural collagen - I so need this, I want my youthful glow back pronto. 

You can probably guess that I would recommend this product to anyone who asked. Regardless of skin type or concerns, this is the best skincare cleansing machine that I've tried as it does what it promises, it's comfortable to use, it's customisable to your skin type and doesn't make you break out. Brushes are supposed to be changed every three months because they can bend (think used toothbrush) but in comparison to say the Foreo Luna which doesn't require brushes to be purchased I'd choose this a thousand times over. It did cost £130 at Boots but it's in the sale at only £64.99 which is so worth it. You can pop over to get yours at Boots if you want in on the action - healthy skin for 2014? Yes, please! 


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