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Make Up Academy (MUA) Luxe Collection

A collection that's actually available now guys. Makeup Academy's Luxe Collection consists of the most amazingly seasonal shades, formula's and products. I have actually already purchased and it's my excitement at purchasing that's lead to me writing this post. 

If you've ever shopped before at MUA you'll know just how amazingly affordable their products are. Prices tend to range from £1 up to £10. The products in this collection do not cost any more than £4 - bargain or what. 

Here's a peek at the goodies, can you guess what I ordered?

If you guessed that I'd ordered the purple Velvet Lip Lacquer you would be so right on the mark. I also ordered the lighter pink and the lighter red Velvet Lip Lacquers and a black glittery liquid liner for Christmas (I hope it comes for Christmas anyway). I did have the gold glitter shadow palette (bottom-right) in my basket but it all cleared and I actually forgot to re-add it as I was distracted by the glittery liners *sigh*. 
So enough chat from me you want to know what's available, don't you? Here goes...
Luxe Glitter Palettes (£4) - Available in four variations each palette contains four glitter-gel based combinations. They can be worn all over the body even though most will use these on the eye area. Why not add some sparkle to your lipcolour with these shades? The palettes available are Diva (top-right), Rock Chic (bottom left), Burlesque (bottom right) and Twilight (top left). 
Luxe Precision Felt Liner (£3) - An intense black formula that allows you to create either a natural or dramatic eye. 
Luxe Powder Brow (£3) - 2 in 1 shape and highlighter pen. Shape your brows and highlight your brow bone in one go. Genius. There are three shades to choose from - Dark Brown, Brown Fair and Mid Brown. 
Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers (£3) - Five shades of intense, rich and sultry shades of lip lacquer that leave you with a matte velvety lip look. Personally, these remind me of Lime Crime's Velvetines lacquers but cheaper of course. Shades available are - Kooky (purple), Funk (bright pink but lighter than the other), Criminal (super bright pink), Reckless (lighter red) and Atomic (deep red). 
I can't wait for mine to arrive, I will of course post swatch pictures. If you fancy getting your lips on these though I'd be quick as they're literally selling out super fast. You can pop over to  MUA website.


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  1. I have the MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers and the Lime Crime Velvetines. MUA was going for the same feel, but sadly they don't dry all the way like the Lime Crime ones do. The stay tacky, I like the colors I got but I think they'll need to be mixed with gloss to work.

    1. I agree Meltyourheart the Limecrime does dry more but I felt like it made me look older, have you tried MUA Funk topped with Kooky? It's incredible! I posted an update with the swatches here: http://www.sweetelyseblog.com/2013/12/mua-luxe-collection-velvet-lip-lacquers.html

      Happy Boxing Day Lovely!

      Elyse x


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