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MUA Luxe Collection // Velvet Lip Lacquers & Glitter Eyeliner

I blogged about MUA's new Luxe collection here and did mention that I'd purchased three of the five velvet lip lacquers to try them out. Limecrime seem to be the leaders for matte pigmented lip colour at the moment and I've been actively trying to find a lower priced brand that offers similar results. 

While shopping over on MUA I also decided to pick up the Glitter Eyeliner in Night Sky (black) to try out as I adore glitter and figured it would be a nice seasonal touch for Christmas Day. I placed my order on the 15th, it would have been handled on the 16th and I received it yesterday (21st) - pretty quick considering how crazy the post is right now. 

The three shades I ordered were Atomic, Kooky and Funk. They all cost £3 each full price and the Glitter Eyeliner cost only £1. Here's the pic of the liner...

Looks pretty amazing doesn't it. Discussing the lip lacquers first though the shades were described as being an orange-red, pink and purple. Atomic does look slightly pillerbox red in the tube but the reality is that it's more orange you can clearly see this in the swatches below. 

Kooky (purple) is at the top, Atomic (orange-red) is on the bottom left and Funk (pink) is a mix between a bubblegum and semi-bright pink. These swatches show just how pigmented these lacquers are, these were created with a tiny amount of product and cover the lips evenly and easily. 

What I will say is that they will cover your teeth in colour so be sure to wipe before you leave the house, also the colour will come off in certain occasions - not all of the time but if you're in to guzzling a lot of liquids or snogging the face of your loved one then maybe choose another lacquer.  I absolutely think these are just as good as Limecrime and yup they are matte but don't leave you looking furrowed and lined. If you're after a lacquer that's going to apply like a dream and remove like a dream well, this may not be for you - it has some staining qualities but it's ability to stick around for a while makes it easy to wear. Here's a pic of the swatch above but the next day; I had a bath of course and yes I scrubbed it. 

As for the eye liner um, where do I start? I had hoped it would work as an eye liner in the sense that I could apply and then sparkle. The formula is very liquid and while it has a little bit of sparkle it doesn't have enough to really make you sparkle. Also if you apply and then try to add another application to darken it, the second coating simply swipes off the first. It crumbles off quite quickly also so this can only really be used over an already thick application of eye liner. For £1 I suppose I can't really complain can I. 


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