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My New Boots - Imogen by Simmi Shoes

'Hey I put some new shoes on and everything's gonna' be all right...'

I recently purchased these beauties below from River Island which cost me £60, I love them. They're simple, functional and comfortable but the detailing on them brings them up to date. 

I figured with that impending snow warning flats were the best option but, when it never arrived I missed me some heels. So... I found ones that are so spookily similar but they have heels. The best thing is that they only cost £38; these are called 'Imogen' and are just amazing. 

I've worn them on the long school walk and out shopping and they never pinched or nicked my heels at all, sizing wise they're true to size. I'm a 3.5 but got a 4 and I wear these with socks so they fit perfectly. The River Island ones, however, are also a size 4 but are quite big, I probably could have done with a size 3 but apparently, they don't do size 3's in all styles *booo*

I plan to wear these with my Christmas dress because I think booties like these look so cute with the right dress, day to day wear I've worn them with leggings (as shown above) and also super thick tights, skirt and my shirts. 

Simmi's website offers lots of gorgeous footwear, I especially love the cutout style booties but figured it was pointless because of the impending snow but now I've got mine, I badly want the cutouts now. For example, these flat Robyn boots with the cut-outs and tassel were one of the pairs that I debated getting, I still really want these. What do you think? Should I purchase these? 

Have you purchased any new boots or wellies in preparation for the winter weather? You can shop these boots and lots of other boots including top brands such as Converse and Dr Martens from Simmi Shoes here


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