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Nail Inc | Gel Effect SS14

They've finally arrived. Gel polish effect, bold colours and by one of my favourite, if not my actual favourite polish brand - Nails Inc. I've been waiting for a few months for the release of these, there's another shade to be included later in the spring and while I was itching to post about them I had to wait until I had pretty decent promo pictures because I'm fussy that way. I mean who wants to read about a pretty product without an actual visual? Not me anyway. 

As you can see there are three polishes, here are the shades...

The colours are Mayfair Lane (light pink), Mercer Street (blue) and Soho Place (aqua blue) and... Kensington Palace (coral) is due to arrive on the scene in March 2014. 

You can get your mitts on these right now over on the Nails Inc website. I plan to snap up Mayfair Lane for sure, remember 2014 is all about the nudes sweetie-pies! 


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