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Nails Inc In The Nude Collection

So it seems nude is the way forward and I completely agree. It looks tidy, it's easy to wear with everything and really never goes out of style. I've blogged about quite a few nude collections that are due to make an appearance next year (well in a few months, gosh it's gone so fast hasn't it?). 

This collection by Nails Inc. is called 'In The Nude' but as you can see from the image it's not really nude at all is it. It's more pastels in my opinion but hey, that's OK - most people can totally rock a pretty pastel nail or two. It's due for release in January (save your pennies because January's going to be g-o-o-d!) and consists of four polishes with glossy cream finishes. 

The shades are George Street (mink pink), Kensington Gore (rich nude), Hyde Park Place (soft grey) and finally Sheraton Street (pale blue). Kensington Gore and Hyde Park Place are both new limited edition shades, I love limited edition don't you? I just can't fight the need to purchase when it comes to a pretty limited edition. 

The collection will come gift boxed and will cost £25 which is a great price, I know I will be purchasing this purely because I love delicate shades and especially delicate shades that come in the cream formula! love them so much. You can find these over on the Nails Inc website. 


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