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Keratin products have exploded onto the market over the last few years, I know a lot of people in the past who had keratin treatments done - here and abroad and their hair was completely ruined. There's a lady I know who had a keratin treatment and her hair is frizzy, doesn't grow and is still fine and brittle years after. Apparently, the issue is with formaldehyde as a lot of companies were using levels way above the recommended maximum which is utterly shocking. 

Initially, the keratin horror stories scared me into staying well away from any keratin products but, having read many reviews and finding a lot of people have tried recent keratin-based products with success it leads me to find NanoKeratin System.  NanoKeratin System is used by the likes of Toni & Guy - you know when a major hairdresser and haircare brand are using another brand it's got to be fabulous. Oh and that issue with formaldehyde and your hair being ruined doesn't factor in this case as Toni & Guy even sent away random bottles of NanoKeratin away to be tested and they were a-OK! 

I've been testing three products from the brand which fall within the aftercare category, because I have coloured hair I was sent products to suit my hair type - these have the green tab at the bottom. The first is the Replenish Colour Preserving Mask. The mask is designed to obviously replenish the hair adding moisture and life to hair that's pretty dull, uninteresting and lack-lustre. It went on like any hair mask would but I found once I washed it out it didn't leave that horrible residue in my hair, you know that residue that makes you wonder if it's actually out or not.  

The other products I received where Recondition Colour Preserving Conditioner and Preserve Colour Shampoo, these also work to mimic and place lost keratin while improving the hairs look and feel in the same way that the mask does. All three of these products work to improve your hairs health in a positive way and they feel delicate and silky on the hair but they pack a hefty beneficial punch. My hair felt soft, shiny and just more manageable in every way and I found there was less frizz from humidity (which normally annoys the living daylights out of me) and my combination hair has kept its shine and bounce for that little bit longer - coincidence? I doubt it as my hair played nicely the whole time I used these products. 

To test my theory on it not being a coincidence I changed my products to Vosene (to keep nits and bugs at bay for my sons) and my hair and scalp feel like it's needing pulled off and rebuilt as it's so dry and uncomfortable. My hair also feels dry, limp and frizzy which is a big disappointment as it was doing so well with the NanoKeratin products - overall without these products, my scalp feels terrible and I do too. 

NanoKeratin System offers in-salon treatments that will de-frizz, repair and improve the look and feel of your hair. It's a girl's dream situation right. I plan to get a salon treatment for sure but only in a salon that uses NanoKeratin. You can, of course, purchase the home products over on the Toni & Guy website Toni & Guy and you can find out more about the brand and products over on their website here


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