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Nina Ricci & Laduree Collaboration | La Tentation de Nina

Nina Ricci perfumes are the epitome of feminine beauty and class. For those who have sniffed the scents in their back catalogue, you'll know what I mean by them being addictive. The fragrances come in apple-shaped bottles and this collaboration with Laduree of all brands is no exception. 

Laduree is a premium macaron company based originally in France. They have seriously tasty flavours of macarons such as Caramel and Salted Butter, Orange Blossom, Madagascar Chocolate and yummy Lemon. Look at how amazingly pretty these gold leafed macarons are for example. 

At first, I was thinking it was strange that these two brands would come together, that is until I delved a bit deeper. The main accord of La Tentation de Nina is, of course, macaron, other notes include Italian Bergamot, Citrus Facets, Grapefruit, Raspberries, Almonds, Lemons and Bulgarian Rose; these notes sit on a base of Bourbon Vanilla, White Musk and Sandalwood. 

I want in! had it just been the sweet notes I would have given it a miss, those fruity and sweet notes coupled with that sultry base wow-wee, it sounds delectable and I want to smell like a sexy macaron. 

The bottle itself is simply gorgeous, it's very girlie and feminine without being too young. The fragrance will be released on January 27th and will cost £40 for 50ml from the usual store's sweeties. 


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