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Parissa | Natural Sugar Hair Removal

Waxing and sugar hair removal is a hair raising topic (sorry bad pun) but it's definitely not pleasant. I've tried both before and hated both methods of hair removal, I have a pretty high pain threshold but using home hair removal kits have always filled me with dread and complete terror. I tend to be someone who has sensitive skin and I've in the past literally felt like my skin was on fire after whipping off a sticky strip. 

I'll admit I was absolutely apprehensive when I received the Parissa 2 in 1 roll on back in the summer and it took me a few months to try it out, again due to crap organisational skills I didn't hit the 'post' button and found it here when I was doing my end of year drafts declutter *oops* but they say good things come to those who wait and in this case, it's certainly true. So I have whipped off strips and had my legs turn bright red, I've used hair removing cream that has left me with an allergic reaction and I've yanked off waxing strips only to have no hair on the bloody strip - I did go back and try again but it was a complete fail. 

You can imagine why I stick to using a men's razor can't you (Mach 3 bay-bay). So a few months after receiving this I figured I had to try it out all in the name of blogging and all that jazz. I am absolutely willing to put myself in the line of pain or disfigurement just to get you an honest review. 

Inside the box, you will find the sugar paste inside the ball applicator. You will find the roller nozzle (I've popped it on for the picture) and you will also find the strips which are washable as well as the instructions. 

As first I thought ow-ma-gawd this is going to be tough but I was so wrong. It's literally three steps, warm up the nozzle, roll on the sugar paste and the pop on the strip (to the area where the sugar paste is) and pull against the grain of the hair. Just as you would do waxing. 

I tentatively applied the sugar paste and then kind of had a mini freak out, calming down I applied the strip and again had a mini freak out which lead to hubster deciding he'd pull off the strip which he did with a little bit more of a smile than I would have thought necessary, would you believe it didn't hurt. Well, of course, you have that initial 'ah it's going to hurt' and then the 'ooh nope that wasn't nearly as bad as it should have been.' 

The best thing for me, however, was that I wasn't red, I wasn't blotchy and I was actually smooth with no leftover sticky crap stuck on my legs. I tend to be quite a hairy lady (too much I know but it's nearly New Year so I can get away with it) and even when I shave literally 24 hours later I'm stubbly. I've tried everything from epilation those sandpaper smoothing mitts and nothing leaves me smooth for long with the exception of sugaring. 

Back in August, I did buy another two kits. I tend to overbuy things that I've been hugely impressed with over the year, I suck that way and I'm pretty sure it annoys hubster but I did and now it's gotten to the start of a new year and I'm glad I stocked up. Valentine's Day, Spring, Birthdays and then Summer all call for smooth-tastic legs and I'm ready and armed for it. 

I don't use this every time I need to remove hair (because that would be expensive) but for those occasions where smoothness is an absolute must I bring out this product. If you've had trouble with waxing or other hair removal systems before then I'd fully recommend this, even Veet sensitive hair removal creams were too strong for me yet Parissa sugaring system isn't. It lasts for a long time too. You can get your pins in on the action by hitting your local Boots or popping over to the Boots website here if you fancy trying it out. 


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