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Paul & Joe // My Secret Garden Collection

Another January collection but it's a consistent one and utterly gorgeous. The collection includes lipsticks, nail polish and face colour products, you can get the picture of the colour range from the image above and I love that it's not the same as everyone else. 

The collection is inspired by Spring's wild flower fields and the lipsticks have been made with lavender oil, orange flower water and white lily extract which soothes the lips. I really want to test one out just to see how it smells and applies.  The collection is limited edition and comes in two parts, the products listed below will be released on January 1st and the second lot of products which consists of the eye-trio's and the eye-trio cases are due around February time. 

Product in the collection are...

Eye Colour Trio (£unknown) - Eight colours inspired by Spring's secret gardens. The colours are inspired by the fresh shades of grass, stormy clouds in April and vibrant flowers in June. Each trio of course houses three shades in different textures. Colour options are Breakfast in Bed (Bright to Warm Browns), My Little Kitty (Sweet Browns), Garden of Flowers (Playful combo of fresh green, delicate pink and lavender), Tree Shaded Walkway (Sophisticated Maple Tones), Cherry Blossom (Natural Pink, Gold and Brown), April in Paris (Romantic pastels), Stormy Weather (Dark and Smouldering), Night Cafe (Metallics). 

Colour Powder (£20) - Each palette comes in the signature Paul & Joe style. There are three colour options but the aim is to leave you with a natural rosy glow. Colour options are Dahlia (coral), Azalea (Brilliant Pink) and Amaryllis (Radiant Red). 

Lipstick (£14) - Three vibrant shades to compliment Spring.  Colour options are Poppy (Cheerful Fresh Orange), Peony (Exciting Baby Pink) and Rosebud (Sheer Deep Red)

Lipstick Cases (£7) - Mix and match your lipsticks with these cute cases, options include a fresh mint green case, retro style stripes and bold horse print. 

Silky Smooth Foundation (£Unknown) - Silky smooth finish liquid foundation comes in seven shades. I don't have a huge amount of information yes on this product but will update you as soon as it comes in. 

Eye Colour Trio Limited Edition Compact (£Unknown) - Inspired by fashion these cases are ideal for customising. Options include Fun Felines, Feminine Floral, Retro Flowers and a Classic Case. 

Face Powder (£28) - Bird's nest inspired design housing a mix of gentle blue, white, pink and yellow tones to balance any skin tone. The powder itself is suppose to be suitable for both day and night and leaves your skin with a silky but radiant finish. 

Nail Polish (£11) - You can see where the inspiration has come from for the polishes pictured above. They definitely have a late Spring appeal and I adore the more richer shades. There are five colours which you can mix and match. Colours are Lily (Pink-White), Hyacinth (Calming Blue), Petunia (Sheer Pink), Buttercup (Sunny Yellow) and Carnation (Sheer Red). 
Brush (£21) - Made with soft bristles this brush is ideal for applying face powders for an even but natural look.

You will be able to pick up the My Secret Garden collection over on ASOS, Harrods and Selfridges.


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