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Sampar | So Much To Dew Cream

Sampar is a leader in skincare in my opinion. I've tried quite a few of their products and re-purchased quite a few also, I've yet to find one aspect of the brand or the products that I dislike or would like to see changed and that also includes their So Much To Dew Day Cream. 

The cream comes in a 50ml size and is suitable for all skin types, skin ages and is paraben and alcohol-free. As you probably guessed from the name the cream aims to inject moisture into the skin for 24 hours leaving you looking rehydrated, fresh and youthful. With continuous use, I do feel it improves your skin definitely and with the skin issues I've had this year, this cream has been an absolute god-send as it hasn't irritated and aggravated my skin like so many others have. 

The container this comes in also is uh-mazing! Yes it looks simple and it is but it's so calming, fresh but modern and the actual cream comes out by pushing down on the top which feels like it may be slightly aerated - it's just genius as it dispenses the perfect amount, there's no hard cream residue or having to squeeze down a tube to get the remains out.  

I really can't think of anything I dislike - it moisturises, it's suitable for sensitive skins and oily skin types, it leaves you looking healthier, it dispenses the perfect amount, it doesn't smell gross, it has cute packaging and it doesn't contain nasty parabens; can't really fault it what so ever. This is for sure going on my re-purchase list. 

You can purchase Sampar products including the So Much To Dew Day Cream at M&S. I can't recommend this brand enough. 


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