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Seasonal Sale Top Picks


Philosophy Holiday Handbook / Philosophy Butter Rum Cake Bath & Shower Gel /18 & East Dress @ ASOS / Denim & Supply Jeans by Ralph Lauren @ ASOS / Lancome Vernis In Love Polish / Origins Ginger Essence Fragrance Rollerball / Topshop Silver Tulle Midi Skirt / Topshop V Feather Fluff Dress / Pins & Needles Crochet Jumper /  Cath Kidston Crocodile Jumper / Cath Kidston Spray Flowers Lamp / Rambling Rose Block Calendar

Christmas has been and gone and while I always feel gutted that the calmness fades after just one day I do look forward to the yearly sales. Spending Christmas money is the best isn't it, money you've been given for the sole purpose of treating yourself feels awesome, but does anyone else notice when you get gifted money that you can never decide what to purchase? 

Any other time and I have a wishlist as long as my arm but when I have money I become a scrupulous spender which annoys me so much. I find these wishlists and window shopping trips help though because I get to choose my top picks and then what ever sticks over the following few days are the items I really want to get - it's a saying my mum taught me ' If you have to think about it don't get it - leave it a few days and if the urge doesn't fade then get it' such a wise lady is my mumma bear. 

For this wishlist I wanted to choose affordable products that looked as though they should cost more than their price tag. This was very much about products I have been wanting for a while but never got round to purchasing either because they were too expensive or other things came first. The Cath Kidston lamp I've wanted for ages, I didn't get round to purchasing because I figured it would be best to wait until my room was decorated - we've still to decorate *grrr* and that Crocodile Jumper I've been trying to get my sons interested in it but they're having none of it, personally I think it's adorably cute. 

Philosophy products need no explanation and are affordable normally but when there's a sale I tend to stock up, I love how well they work and the scents are so yummy. Origins also make the best products but I've never tried their roll on scents before and ginger I figured would be a great mood booster especially for New Year and that polish *swoon* perfect nude? quite possibly. 

When it comes to clothing there's lots I love but hardly anything that I can wear or pull off, my legs are seriously short and even most petite ranges are still too long. It upsets me for the most part which is why I'm all about dresses and skirts. The purple furry dress I know might seem a bit strange but the shape is so classic, feminine and edgy - team that dress with some booties and a leather jacket or some opaque tights, long mac and some booties, leather gloves and oversized snood and your winter ready! The skirt I could imagine 101 ways to dress it both up and down and it would be with everything, it's so damn pretty and those jeans, if I could wear normal leg lengths these would be in my wardrobe. I love the shape, cut and colour of these and the fact they're in the sale makes them even more covetable. 

For New Year the pink dress with the back cut-outs is simple but sophisticated and can be worn time and time again, I know I've purchased so many dresses because they were stand outs only to find them unwearable after the event. If you're looking to go a bit more casual why not team the crochet jumper (which is amaze!) with a leather skirt or oversized poofy layered skirt or team with jeans and killer heels to ensure you're cosy but stylish. 

Even after doing hours of online window shopping and writing two posts on my favourites (second post will follow) I still can't shake the need to purchase that Cath Kidston lamp, I want it so badly do you think I should just go purchase it right now? Have you seen any amazing products that you *have* to have right now? 


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    1. Cute isn't it. I want it so bad.

      Happy New Year when it comes lovely! x


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